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​ Nursery locker production

It is a locker for children to put their luggage in a nursery school.
This locker is for younger classes in the nursery school. Below the space for the bag, attach a drawer for changing clothes.

We asked the nursery teacher how to use it, where and how to install it, and had a detailed meeting.
The first priority is to install it in a nursery room so that it can be handled as desired and that it is easy for children to handle.
And I made it while valuing the nursery teacher's desire to "touch the soft warmth of wood".

I wanted to make it from domestic materials, but I used rice hemlock because I thought it would be easy to maintain because it would not easily get scratched or dented.
The shelves on which the bags are placed are two vertical shelves, 10 rows for a total of 20 people. I carved it into a curve without attaching the handle of the drawer, and attached a handle. By filing it, it has a pleasant texture. The entire locker is also finished with a plane and file.
Finally, flaxseed oil was applied to protect the wood.

Since the installation will replace the locker that was left, I removed the old locker and installed a new locker.
In addition to the lockers, we also made and installed shelves for each person's crayons.
Installed side by side and delivery is complete.

横浜市栄区工務店  イチキ大工  土壁の家
大工が作る 家具
保育園 ロッカー
The delivery date was just in preparation for the new year of the nursery school, and all the nursery teachers were there, so it was very gratifying to see the nursery teachers in order from the time of installation. A young nursery teacher said, "It's okay to have a tree ...".
I am very happy that young people feel the goodness of wood.

At this nursery school, you can go to the kindergarten with your own bag from a younger class, put your luggage and clothes in your locker for the first time, and start managing things yourself.
I'm sure that children will use their own lockers with attachment.

After making and installing this time, I felt really happy to be able to work with children again.
It would be great if children could feel the warmth and feel of wood in their daily lives.
I was also impressed by the sensibility of the nursery teacher who tried to take good care of it.

保育園 家具
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