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A house with a bright entrance

​-House with a piercing method and earthen wall using trees from the moon-aged logging (new moon logging)-

横浜市栄区工務店  イチキ大工  土壁の家
Construction period March 2015-April 2016
This is the first house built by Ichiki carpenter with a construction method and a clay wall.
It is my own house and a model room.
​ The earthen wall house and the entrance soil are called Sanwa soil (tataki), which is made by mixing soil, gravel, and lime with bittern, and then applying and smashing them. ..
​ The entrance door is a sliding door with a grid. A window is attached to the entrance and the window also has a grid, so the space is bright with light.
​ In addition, Tenryu's moon-aged logging (new moon logging) is used as the structural material. Moon-age logging is the cutting of trees near the new moon, when the moon is missing. There is a time to cut a tree, and if you cut it when it is sucking up the nutrients necessary for the tree to grow, it will easily rot and insects will easily attach to it. It is desirable.
The day of the new moon is considered to be the day when the nutrients of the tree are most exhausted. Due to the lack of nutrients, it has the characteristics of being resistant to rot, mold, and madness.
It was also a good opportunity to show my daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, how to build a house.
This was the first time I could smell the scent of wood properly.
Building a house often stimulates children's sensibilities .
Entrance soil (Sanwa soil)
In the chopping, I used a canna called a spear plane to make a pattern on the tree that will be the pillar. I could do this because I was at my own home, but if I included this work, it would be a lot of work and the price would go up. However, after the building is built, when the light shines in, the pattern of the pillars moves beautifully, and it looks beautiful on the earthen wall. It is said that this spear plane was widely used until the appearance of the plane plane that is currently used in the Muromachi period.
In modern times, it is rare to bother to do such time-consuming processing.
​ However, because I was a carpenter, I wanted to build my own house by making use of the skills I had acquired, and I wanted to give the pillars a beautiful pattern carved with a spear plane. I was a little extravagant.
State of processing with a spear plane
鉋 かんな
State of plane
​ Compatibility between pillars with spear planes and earthen walls
At the time of the upper building, we called out to the neighborhood and held an upper building ceremony and mochi-maki. I wanted children to know and experience this kind of Japanese culture.
In addition, I was allowed to experience about two sides of the plastering wall, which is the very first process of the clay wall, with the kindness of the plasterer.
The unique smell of fermenting mud, the sticky feel of the soil, and the enthusiastic soiling of both adults and children was a pleasant time.
My daughter often came to see the scene and was able to show the process of building.
These houses have a long construction period, so by knowing the process of building and doing what the resident can do with the carpenter, by the time you live, you will know how to care for the house and daily maintenance. You can also. My daughter also learned how to handle brooms while she was at the scene, and after moving, she actively cleaned the entrance and corridors. This is also a good care.
How to build
A state of wood dance scraping that is the base of the wall
Experience of attaching a rough wall
上棟式 餅投げ
Mochi-maki at the upper wing ceremony
When the tree dance is over, a very beautiful scene spreads out.
The wall of plasterer Yoshida (plasterer Yoshida) is very beautiful
After scraping the wood dance, which is the foundation of the clay wall, the light came in and a very beautiful scene spread out.
This beautiful sight can only be seen for a few days. It's a fun process every time.
The technique of plasterers creates a solid foundation for the wall, and the soil is applied over and over again to create a thick, heavy and durable wall. The clay wall of the Ichiki carpenter is painted by Mr. Yoshida of "Plasterer Yoshida". Mr. Yoshida's plastering technique is very good, and the finish is a beautiful wall that can not be said.
The expression on the wall changes depending on the craftsman who paints it. Mr. Yoshida's wall, which is carefully and delicately painted to the smallest detail, can be seen in both the way it is painted and the finish.
The look of the wall is completely different depending on how the wall is finished.
Intermediate coat finish
Juraku clay glue kneading finish
Intermediate coat finish
Otsu Shine
Even after five years of construction, people who come to the house will be surprised by the "good scent of wood!" I don't know if I live ...
The air in a house made of wood and soil is very pleasant.
​ I'm looking forward to living and changing homes for decades to come.
​ Your home can also be seen as a model room for a carpenter, so please contact us if you would like to see it.
Entrance hall
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