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A comfortable house with light and wind

横浜市栄区工務店  イチキ大工  土壁の家
湘南の家  辻堂の家
This is an introduction to a house built in the Shonan area.

​ This house has a solid image of the owner, and especially before the construction, his wife was doing various research and studying.
If you feel a strong desire and image for building a house, even as a builder, you want to make a house that makes the residents happy! That's what I think.

Before purchasing the land, we actually went to see the land together and told the view as a construction side.

Enter the entrance and walk a few steps to the living room and dining kitchen.
Bright sunlight and a pleasant breeze come in from the atrium of the living room.
The living room and kitchen are the center, and the washroom / bathroom, Japanese-style room, and toilet are nearby.
The stairs leading up to the second floor are a colonnade that continues from the living room, so children call down from the middle of the stairs, "Hey!".
辻堂 家
I didn't want the living room atrium, but I decided to use it because the living room would be dark due to the location and floor plan. The atrium that I attached is my wife's favorite place.
When you sit on the sofa and look up, you will feel a sense of openness and comfort.
​ The living room is bright, and the wind coming in from the balcony and windows on the second floor also passes through.
And when you go up the stairs, you will find a family book corner. This bookshelf is very useful.
The types of books lined up change as the children grow, and I feel the growth.

​ The small balcony on the 2nd floor is also a fun place to have a barbecue with your family.

​ The people who live will smile. I am very happy to have such a life.
It seems that the children also like the house and feel attached to it.
It is the happiest thing for a carpenter that the people who live in it live with attachment to the house where they live.
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