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Schoolchildren's nursery school where children gather

​ ~ Sakae-ku, Yokohama City Kuden School Children's Nursery School ~

横浜市栄区工務店  イチキ大工  土壁の家
A large black pillar in the center of the room. It was also an opportunity for children to learn about the existence of the Daikoku Pillar.
Construction period 2020.4-February 2021.2
It is a schoolchild nursery school in Sakae-ku, Yokohama, a house with a construction method and a clay wall, and a stone building (foundation stone).
A schoolchild who has been operating as a prefab for many years, he had to rebuild or move to meet the earthquake resistance standards.
Parents who let their children go will want to continue running school children in their favorite places where they are accustomed to going! With that in mind, it is a schoolchild nursery school that was built in cooperation with each other while raising funds.
There are no partitions in the wooden one-story building so that children can play freely, and the ceiling is set high to create an open space. ​
During the construction, we provided children with various opportunities for experience.
In today's world where houses are built quickly, I felt that it was difficult for carpenters to have the opportunity to see the houses that were carved, processed, and built. I wanted it to be an opportunity to learn about the process of building the original house, so I was able to visit it at any time.
Children who go home from school every day also check the progress of construction depending on the site.
Other actual experiences include jichinsai, shizumemono, plane shaving, topping-out ceremony, rough wall attachment, etc. We also repaired the toy shelves used in the old building. ​ I wanted to tell you that you can use the old ones carefully while fixing them, but for the children, rather than all the new ones, the ones that you have been using for a long time will remain. Seems to have been happy. Everyone was working carefully.
上棟式 餅まき
体験 子ども
​ The wall is mainly a drag finish with a middle coat. The closet where children enter and play is finished in Otsu, and the part where the water splashes around the washbasin and a part of the outer wall are plastered. Part of the ceiling has a plaster ivy finish.
Stucco Polished plaster is a plaster made from carefully selected materials such as glue, susa, and salt-grilled lime made from Kakumata from Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture. Even if the plasterer wants to make this kind of plaster, he says that it is now very difficult to prepare the ingredients. Along with the succession of plastering techniques, it is also an industry that we want to protect so that materials can be secured smoothly.
How to make plaster
Beautiful plaster polishing that shines shiny (completed photo)
​ Delicate plaster polishing
A wooden dance before painting the clay wall. Beautiful light enters.
I didn't want to build this schoolchild in a traditional way, but I wanted the children to know how the original house was built, and I wanted them to grow up in a comfortable space with clay walls in the warmth of wood. Did. In order to realize that idea, it was a wooden structure and a clay-walled house that was processed from the notch. ​

By the time they returned to this place, the children who had visited many of the sites after seeing the process of building during construction had completely developed their attachment and familiarity with the building. I often see children cleaning up with the "bran rag" that was given to them when they were handed over.

​ You can also see the rebuilding from the Kuden School Children's Nursery Homepage .
階段 畳
Below the stairs to the loft is a tatami mat space.
Although it is only one tatami mat, with the cooperation of a tatami mat shop ( Kato tatami shop), we put a natural tatami mat with an undyed soil aged tatami mat and a plain edge on the surface of the straw floor.
A men's toilet is installed in one of the two toilets.
​ There was a teacher's desire to help boys learn how to use the toilet by having the experience of standing up and doing some extra work.
A kitchen that prepares school lunches when school lunches are closed or when they are closed for a long time . We were pleased that it was wider and easier to work with than before.
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