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Children's secret base
-Making the wooden deck a place for children to relax-

横浜市栄区工務店  イチキ大工  土壁の家

This is an introduction to the wood deck I made at home.

Since I moved to this house, I've always wanted a wooden deck where children can freely come and go and play ...
I forgot that feeling because my older child grew up, became free to play on his own, and was less dangerous.
In the days when my younger child was born and I was busy with housework and childcare, my desire for a wooden deck reignited.

Meanwhile, a friend who is getting along with my older child picked up the words, "I wish there was a secret base ..."
I decided "Now!" And the wood deck project started.

Combining the feelings of elementary school children with the play that they want to give to small children, there is no blueprint, but an image.

Most of the construction of this wooden deck was done by Carpenter Sato, who works for Ichiki Carpenter, even though there were no drawings.
The younger child was glued to the appearance of his father and carpenter working in front of him every day.
湘南の家  辻堂の家
木 大工
I felt that it was a very luxurious environment that created in front of children.

​ The children were also excited about their playground, which was gradually created. I feel the same as when I was building a house.

The carpenter's work continues. While thinking of the happy faces of the children, it will become more than you can imagine, full of romance.

What I (wife) ordered was a wooden deck, a little house, a little slide, and I thought it would be fun for children to play with it ...
It was a carpenter's serious secret base creation more than I expected! !!
I thought this would be an interesting and amazing thing to do ... but I don't think this will be a children's park ...
2021-04-25_16-19-30_350 (1).jpeg
The day the wooden deck is completed is a delight for the children to come home!
"Smooth!" "I have a house!" "Welcome!"
​ Pretend play has begun immediately. If you are so happy, the creator will be very happy too. ​
You can freely go high and high, walk around, run around ... There are no detailed rules on the slide, so you can climb from the bottom or slide vigorously from the top ...

At the secret base, you can bring your favorites with your friends and chat with them. Just by creating a place where you can easily get out of the room, children's play will expand steadily. And with the palm of your hand, you can feel the warmth of the wood on the soles of your feet, and it seems that you can train your whole body muscles and sensations!

On holidays, we also have tea and lunch here. A dreamlike space has been created!
When we are at home, we want more and more children to play. Please feel free to talk to me ♪
Children who want to play are gathered!
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