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​ House made of domestic wood

​ If you are building a house in Japan, it is best to use trees grown in the Japanese climate. Ideally, you should use local trees grown in the same environment.

By using properly managed and carefully grown Japanese trees, you can protect the mountains of Japan and maintain a healthy state.

By protecting the mountains of Japan, you can also protect the climate of Japan. Protecting the mountains protects the sea, rivers, and air that connect to the mountains. And in order to protect the Japanese economy, we try to build houses using domestic materials.

Also, even if the trees are grown in the same country, the toughness of the trees will differ depending on how they are grown, how they are managed when they are grown, how they are managed after logging, and how they are dried. Due to the cost reduction of construction, the number of unmanaged rough mountains has increased, and some timber has been illegally logged.

Ichiki carpenters use trees grown in tightly controlled areas to protect the mountains of Japan, to protect the environment, and to build sturdy homes.

​ I think it is important to circulate both nature and economy within the country.

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