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Building a house that does not burden the environment


You don't have to put out the garbage


I am trying to build a house that "does not produce garbage that does not have to be produced". It's not just about using wood and soil, but also about garbage under construction.

Garbage will inevitably come out during construction. Even though we use wood and soil, the equipment used for the interior is ready-made. You can use as little hardware as possible, but that doesn't mean you don't use it 100%. Equipment and hardware are often packed in plastic or cardboard. Of course, it is said that the garbage produced by our construction company is industrial waste and does not need to be separated.

However, cardboard and other items can be recycled. There is a lot of other garbage that can be recycled when dismantled.

I try to separate combustible garbage, plastic garbage, aluminum, metal, paper, etc. as much as possible while working.

And in order not to increase the amount of garbage, we also try not to order more materials than necessary.

Also, by using solid wood, you can utilize wood chips, plane chips, and wood scraps.

For fuel of wood stove, fertilizer for soil, sachet by dropping aroma oil, material for making small things, wood and wood are connected to another material ...

In the case of laminated lumber and veneer, even if it remains, it does not burn and only becomes garbage. There are many ways to use solid wood.

And above all, a house that grows slowly and is built from naturally dried wood will last a long time. While a house is built for a long time, the trees used for the next house can also grow over time.

A house built of wood and soil is a house that does not become garbage even when it is time to destroy it.

Make it last longer even after living

After handing it over, that's it. Instead, we will continue to take care of the house even after the customer has lived in the house.

It's a wooden house that enjoys aging, but it's not maintenance-free. Daily care and simple maintenance must be done by the customer.

This is because diligent care can make your home last longer. We will tell you how to do this during construction.

As long as you continue to live in the house (while people continue to live in the house), we will keep in touch with you. If you notice any small things or have any problems, please contact us immediately.

There are many cases where you cannot judge that you are not a carpenter. Please leave it to us where you need to make appropriate judgments and take appropriate measures.

And by taking appropriate measures together with the customer, I think that the ability to protect the customer's own home will also increase. As you continue to live, you will find out more and more about your own home. That is also interesting.

​ It's not maintenance-free, but it's a house built of wood, and for us it's a house we built, so it's easy to repair. If it is wood, the carpenter can fix it. In a house where the structure is hidden, it has to be done by a specialist and a carpenter depending on the location, which is costly. It costs a little to build a house, but I think the cost can be reduced when it comes to maintenance.

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