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Return to the soil with less garbage

In recent years, cheapness is emphasized in home building, and the time spent on home building is getting shorter and shorter to reduce costs.

Also, the use of real wood has decreased.

​ Every owner is involved in "building a house", which is a lifelong shopping, and feels the process of building a house, the fun, and the warmth of wood. However, I feel that enjoying building a house is a high hurdle when we focus on speed and cost reduction.

What we can do as a carpenter is that we are now making various efforts to protect the environment.

"Building a house that produces as little garbage as possible". Ichiki carpenters recommend a house made of wood and soil.

It is a house that produces a small amount of garbage and does not generate chemical substances even if it is burned, both in the process of building and in the unlikely event that the house is dismantled.

Also, a house built of wood that has grown slowly over time can be built for a long time if you live in good condition.

During the long time the house is built, new trees will grow again. I want to cherish the cycle of wood and build a house.

And the half-timbered house made of wood and soil is, above all, a house where a carpenter can complete his job as a carpenter.

It is a house that is evolving according to the modern lifestyle while making the best use of the traditional techniques of carpenters.

​ While making the best use of the goodness of wood, I want to evolve the house where the residents can feel comfortable every day, and I am building a house.


Building a house that involves the owner

Building a house like this takes longer to build than a speed-focused house. It also costs a little.

However, you can get a closer look at the carpenter's work. Sometimes we can do it together.

During the time you build a house, you can learn more about the house you live in by watching the process of building the house, oiling it together, and talking about what you care about. increase. I will also understand how to care for it after living.

A house to be built together with a craftsman and a builder. I think that such time will be enjoyable for the owner and will be a memorable experience for the rest of his life.


What you can do because you are a carpenter

It is also possible for a carpenter to be able to "use a real tree in the right place, in the place where the tree is pleased".

Why don't you enjoy building an important house together?

"I'm worried about my budget" "Isn't this kind of house expensive?" "What's good about a half-timbered house?" "What is a clay wall?"

I think there are some concerns that are a little difficult to say. If you can talk to us first, we will talk to you.

Ichiki Carpenter accepts not only new construction but also general construction such as remodeling, furniture construction, roof construction, store renovation.

​ Please feel free to contact us by phone first.


[House made of wood and soil]

-Looking at the tree, the right person in the right place-

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