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Clogged with commitment

Canadian cafe

横浜市栄区工務店  イチキ大工  土壁の家
​横浜 カフェ
With the opening of "KANATA CAFE" in Kikuna, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama (in terms of station, Myorenji Station on the Toyoko Line), we have renovated it. Originally, a couple of Canadian husbands and Japanese wives opened this restaurant with the theme of Canadian food.
Currently, the couple has returned to Canada and the family is run, but you can still enjoy the taste of Canada!

There are many commitments to "I want to have a Canadian theme!", And the white tile joints inside the counter are red!
The joints actually have many colors.

We are particular about coffee, and the beans belong to the nearby "TERA COFFE".
​ When the mill and espresso machine came in, we were so excited!

Opposite the shop, there is Kikunaike Park, and I set up a counter by the window so that I can relax while looking at the scenery.
There is a sofa seat behind the counter.
​ While cherishing the image of Canada, the underside of the coffee counter is boarded so that it will be a warm and relaxing cafe. Next to that, there is also a case to store the tart.

妙蓮寺 カフェ
横浜 カフェ
This was originally a space for a clothing store run by the owner next door.
Half the space of the clothing store was renovated into a cafe, and while using existing items, we designed it with wood to bring it closer to the image.

It seems that there are many people who like it and visit the cafe mainly in the neighborhood.
I am happy that it will be a space where you can relax and enjoy coffee and meals regardless of age or gender.
​ If you have a chance, please try the delicious Canadian taste!

1-7-13 Kikuna, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
tel 045-298-5905
kanata cafe
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